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    São Paulo is a big city, with different violence rates depending on the neighbourhood you are. The city has a high rate for small crimes and robbery if compared to europe, for example, but many people live their whole lives without ever being robbed or assaulted. I think it would be wise of you to take on a few measures just as a precaution. Take with you only the money you need for the day, leaving the rest at the hotel safe or something like that. Know where is your wallet and cell phone and watch them if you are in a crowded place. If travelling at night, avoid wandering on deserted places, prefer the busy streets, and try to search on the Internet before going somewhere you are not sure of. Touristic places are usually quite safe, but petty criminals keep an eye for tourists and their wallets, so be cautious. In the interior, Brazil feels much safer than in the big cities. over 9 years ago

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    Not very safe in Sao Paulo and other cities for the time being over 9 years ago

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    I agree with Caroline's great advice. Sadly Brazil CAN be quite dangerous unless you take precautions.
    Worldnomads.com has some Brazil safety tips here:
    have a read.
    Phil from the safety hub over 9 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Safe! Is getting better and better... The country is being prepare to receive the world cup investing in security and structure! I go there all the time mostly to work. over 9 years ago

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    Hi guys. I agree partially with Caroline. Sao Paulo is safe if you take some precautions, which in my opinion, the most important is: don't make yourself a walking target.
    What does this mean? Never take a large amount of money or flash money/laptops In the middle of the street. Don't use fancy jewels or hang your camera in your neck. Other than that Sao Paulo is very safe.
    Other important notes. Get the name and telephone of a taxi driver of your confidence. If you were in trouble, this guy can be your guardian angel. Use metro.it's a great way to move around but avoid using it too early or in the end of afternoon, it will be crowded. Really crowded. over 9 years ago

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