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There is a VERY famous Brazilian website called Reclame Aqui (Complain Here) which anyone can complain about a company in Brazil. It's extremely famous among Brazilians and you can find almost all companies that operates in the country.

The thing is I read very good reviews about WN and I was almost sure to get my insurance but then during the process of filling up the information I read "Zurich" as the company responsible for the insurance and then I went to "Reclame Aqui" to read about it.

There was NEVER a solution in the past 3 years to any of the problems reported by people. All first replies by Zurich was exactly the same message like "we saw your complaint and we're forwarding to our partner" and they never answered or got in touch with the customers. Most situations with Zurich explicitly informing they did talk to the customer just to be confronted with a big denial they never got in touch nor solve the problem.

There are all kinds of complains but all saying they never got reimbursed from their expenses.

There is no final rating, not even a "I would make or not make business with this company again".

Just because of that I can assume the company doesn't give a * about the customers and just want their money and if they need something they will just ignore and never solve the customer problem.

Just go there and check, is a H-U-G-E shame for such a big company to embarrass themselves in this way.

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