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In Brazil the World Nomads betrayed his old customers and without notice you enter in WN's site and when we buy insurance it is another insurance company (Zurich) and totally different from the conditions that they sell to you guys our friends: Danish, Swiss, German , British, Australian ... A SHAME

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    Hey cevitabr@yahoo.com.br,

    Firstly, thanks for your loyalty to World Nomads. I can see that you've been a very supportive Nomad over the years - we really appreciate it!

    We're sorry to hear that you feel betrayed by the change in product - that certainly wasn't our intention!

    We had to change to a local underwriter due to new regulations – to sell any kind of insurance in Brazil, the insurance provider must have an established office in Brazil.

    Furthermore, if World Nomads wants to sell to Brazilian travellers, we need to be compliant to the local consumer code, which requires transactions in Reais and pre/post sales support in local language.

    We sent out notifications to current policy holders to let them know about the changes, in case they wanted to keep travelling and buy more cover.

    We also created this page so that our Brazilian Nomads would have visibility over what is different:

    Thanks for writing to us and giving us the chance to explain the changes. It's always great to get feedback whether positive or negative from our travellers.

    All the best,

    Customer Experience Specialist
    World Nomads. over 4 years ago

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    I was about to post the same dissatisfaction with WN.

    Unfortunately by adjusting to local regulations (being backed by Zurich Seguros), WN becomes just another insurance company among hundreds in Brazil. The unique and different "status " that WN insurance usually possess no longer applies to the insurance that they sell in Brazil, which is a shame.

    For instance, I can no longer buy insurance for my laptop or smartphone. I called Zurich today to ask about this option and the consultant was clueless about this.

    Unfortunately I am pretty sure that Zurich Seguros will made the claim process really slow and painful ,aka "as bureaucratic as possible" to consumers.
    Before I would buy WN insurance in a heartbeat. I would never think twice because I know I was getting something good. Now I'm afraid that it will all be the same thing. over 4 years ago

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    Hi George,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    It's really important for us to hear what our travellers are thinking, so thanks for being so detailed in your post.

    I hope that your trip goes smoothly and that you don't need to claim. However, if you do and you have insight into that process, I'd love it if you could pass it on to me at help@worldnomads.com.

    I'm sorry that you feel that the product isn't as suitable for you as the Bupa product was.

    All the best,

    Customer Experience Specialist
    World Nomads. about 4 years ago

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    Well, I'm very sad about this change.
    Now, WN is one more insurance company in Brazil.
    So many restrictions. It doesn't cover adventure sports. Nothing. It is not to independent travellers more.
    On November, 13 I will return to Chile. At this time I won't buy your insurance. Very sad.
    For two years on my vacations I bought WN.
    Now, I need choose another insurance company.

    Look at this hyperlink:

    On pdf page 18, the item 8.2.24 excludes all activities.

    We have a contradiction between the advertised product and the product purchased.

    This is the hyperlink to English PDF:
    https://www.worldnomads.com/Document/OpenInsuranceRegulatoryWording?RegulatoryWordingTypeId=1&PlanId=22&ContentTypeId=3 about 4 years ago

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