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Hello I am organizing a trip for next year in march for 2 weeks from brazil (sao paulo or rio, not sure yet) to Argentina, anyone have any tips or suggestions from food to transport, attractions, activities?

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    Hi Daniela, if you fancy go south to Patagonia in argentina u should visit el calafate, such a nice small town. from there u could visit the perito Moreno glacier and an even smaller village called el chaltén, beautiful for some trekking. or if u don´t have much time go south that far, san bariloche is pretty as well, a lot of water and beautiful nature. about 5 years ago

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    How do you intend to cross? It is possible to drive or get a bus (no train transportation in Brazil), but once you ony have 2 weeks may be a waste of time; so perhaps flying is the best option. You can fly either from São Paulo or rio and to buenos aires or straight to the Patagonia region (in case your planning to go there). As said before, Patagonia is simply amazing! Don't miss el calafate and el chalten - I liked it even better than Ushuaia. We also crossed to chile and made the W-trek in Torres del Paine.

    Food is delicious no pretty much the same as eating in any big city,nothing to be concerned about.

    If your going to Brazil in the summer, don't forget to use bug spray: watch out for dengue (transmitted by a mosquito bite)

    About accommodation, in Tio I found better to rent an apartment in airBnb than booking a hotel through the tipsy all sites (cheaper, much much cheaper), but, as always, try to find a trustworthy source.

    Have a great trip! You will enjoy for sure about 5 years ago

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    Hi Daniela,
    14 days are not that much, you have to focus the type of travel you want to do.
    I live in S Paulo. The city is like NYC, if you are on vacattions that's the place NOT to be. Traffic, crowded spaces and so on.
    Option 1)
    Rio has a good vibe, famous beaches, good atmosphere. I would spend like 6 nights in Rio (Copacabana Beach, Ipanema Beach with sunsetting at Arpoador Beach, Redemption Christ, Sugar Loaf, 2 nights in Parati, 4 nights in Ilha Grande (feerys depart from Mangaratiba)
    Option 2) A glance Tour
    5 nights in Rio, 3 Nights in Buenos Aires 3 nights in Ushuaia (southermost city (parks, penguins and wildlife), 2 Nights El Calafate (Perito Moreno, 2 nights in Mendoza ( biggest winerys in Argentina)
    Have a nice trip about 5 years ago

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    Iguassu Falls is probably the nicest place I have ever been to. If you go, you have to stay at the hotel inside Iguassu National Park (Sheraton on the Argentina side, Belmond Hotel on the Brazil side), so that you can have complete access to the falls outside of the national park visiting hours.

    Keep in mind that you need a visa for Brazil ($160), and even though you don't need one for Argentina, you still need to pay a $160 reciprocity fee. almost 5 years ago

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