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Hi I am brand new here and I am hoping some of you wonderful people out there with experience on travelling South America can give me some tips on where to begin.
I am planning the trip of a lifetime to South America beginning in November 2016 and have decided I want to start in Brazil. Currently I keep changing my mind on where my first stop should be. Most recently I have thought about possibly going to Manaus first and then travelling my way down South. The reason I thought of Manaus is because I would love to do an Amazon guided tour. The Pantanal is pretty high on my list also.

Does anybody know if starting in Manaus would be a good or bad idea? Does anybody know of any typical Brazil itineries/backpacking routes?
I know weather conditions and distance would factor into all of this. I have no time limit either so I would be in no rush.

I have tried to find out more info online but to no avail.
So if anyone has any tips please shout my way.


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    I believe the main point to decide wether you start in Manaus or not is about the weather. The Amazon is devided, basically, in 2 season: when it rains a lot and the river is full or when it doesn't rain so much and the river is lower. I stayed in a lodge (amazing, recommend: Amazon turtle lodge, you can check on trip advisor) in February: not so much rain, not so hot, river was lower: some river beach to swim at!!
    My husband went also on November: very very hot and humid, river was higher, different landscape, the animals were more active.

    Another thing: how are you planning to go from Manaus to other parts of the country? It is possible to go by bus, but I would recommend flying. Depending on where you plan to go it's almost the same price and the roads may be bad.

    I also love to go to the northeast (if you like beach). Lencois maranhenses was one of the best places I've seen my entire life! You would have to fly to São Luis (maranhao) and go to a city called barreirinhas.

    I plan to go to Jalapão, TO, some day. It's the "Brazilian desert", wonderful nature and it's said to be stunning.

    About South America, I've been to Patagonia (Chile and Argentina, including the W-trek in Torres deal Paine), Bolivia and Peru, and I think you can't miss neither. If you have any other questions fell free to ask! almost 5 years ago

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    We started off in Manaus and then flew to Recife in the north east, where we stayed in Orinda, a sixteenth century town really close by, with what seemed like a travelling street party every night. There is a group of musicians going around the streets and a crowd gathers, some dancing, and they are followed by people with eskies selling beer! Salvador de Bahia is a great old city and you can catch a boat to island beaches. We also travelled to Isla Grande, south of Rio and it is a fantastic spot where you travel by boat to beaches. On the boats they have musicians and of course, booze. Nearby is another sixteenth century town called Party which is also worth a visit. We were a little disappointed with the rubbish in the rivers around Manaus, but we did see lots of pink dolphins and the Centre of the city is interesting. almost 5 years ago

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    Hello, I'm Brazilian, I think you could start in the Brazilian coast, becouse Amazonas is a way to go to other coutrys in South America, so I think would be cheaper for you if you go first to the coast and than to the coutryside and Amazonas;

    Actually I never been in Amazanas, but a lot of friends of mine have, and they all said it is great. But I can tell you, you have to go to Bahia, and visit all the amazing beaches, like Itacaré, Morro de São Paulo, Península de Maraú, Taipu de Fora, Arraial D'ajuda;

    And the place I most love in Brasil, "Chapada Diamantina", it's also in Bahia, but its not around he coast, that is a amazing place, with a lot of wather falls and caves to visit, if you like hiking and tracking, this is your place!!

    Have a nice trip!!

    Eduardo Fachetti almost 5 years ago

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    Indeed ... Bahia
    Salvador is where the whole concept of Brazil started some 500 years ago.
    The city has a rich cultural heritage, as well as an intense (African influenced) culinairy base.
    The national park Chapada Diamantina (also known as the "Brazilian Grand Canyon" is only some 450kms away from Salvador and for those who have very little time it could even be visited in 1 day only over 4 years ago

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