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I just found this website and was unable to locate answers regarding my questions so if anyone has any good links or can help, we'd be much obliged!

My husband and I accidentally booked a flight to Belo Horizonte, Brazil where we have to change airports (GRU to CGH) in Sao Paulo. Now I know why the tickets were so cheap. You'd have thought I'd learned my lesson from the last time we had to spend 20 hours in Shanghai when coming home from Sydney! Ha ha ha

So we're wondering how easy this change is. We only have about 2 hours and 50 minutes to do the switch and neither of us speaks Portuguese.
Any advice would be appreciated!

We are currently asking friends' opinions as well but wanted to open it up to get even more helpful tips.
Thank you!

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    There are many buses between both airports. How long it will take: depends completely on hour of the day and day of the week, once traffic in São Paulo can be hell. With no traffic, it should take about 50 minutes between both airports.

    When is your flight? What time?
    Did you buy both flights under the same ticket?
    Whats the flight company? Some companies have a free bus that takes you between CGH and GRU. If your company does not offer that service, you could get a private bus "airport bus service" (website also in English)
    Cost around 40 reais (don't remember, safer to check)

    The other option is to get a taxi. Again, the cost depends on traffic, but I believe it would stay between 120 and 180 reais.

    The cheaper way would be get a regular bus (4 reais faire, if I'm not mistaken) till "tatuape" metro station, get the tube to some metro station south city (closer to CGH) and then get a taxi (metro doesn't go to the airport). Honestly, I think you won't have time to do this (specially without speaking Portuguese)

    I lived in São Paulo, if you need I have taxi drivers I trust to drive around, can give you the contact.

    Please fell free to contact for any information! I understand how is it to be "lost" in this city! over 5 years ago

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    Use the Airport bus service just outside Terminal 2 in GRH ( Depending on the company you have free bus as in the comment above) , it will cost 42 BRL the bus, taxi is very expensive, only use it if youn have a short time between flights.
    Use the link to check the bus timetable

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