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Possibly traveling with my husband who will be working in Sao Paulo... When I go along on his business trips, I am used to going out sightseeing, to museums, shopping, walking, etc on my own while he is at work. Is this safe?

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    Hello! I have been there a few times as a solo female business traveler and shared the same concerns for my first trip. I am assuming you are staying in a decent neighborhood (Jardins paulista, Itaim Bibi, HigienĂ³polis, Moema, Jardins Europa...) During the day i found it quite safe, with the usual big city precautions: no big flashy bag, flashy jewelery or designer clothing, no watch etc. I also made sure to ask the front desk about the immediate area to make sure it was safe as well.

    I used preprinted detailed sections of map from Google with the POIs I need to get to, and also used the free map from the hotel for a larger perspectove and lay of the land. I kept these in my clothign pocket or an easy pocket of my bag for quick discreet reference. In a pinch, I used pre-snapped screen grabbed photos of the neighborhoods, but tried to avoid whipping out my iphone in public unless I was at a nice restaurant/cafe.

    I always walked looking at who seemd to be walking along or just ahead of me or loitering and if I felt somethng fishy, i'd cross the street.

    i was there for work, so I did dress like a ot of the SP commuters and offcie workers, so I didnt easily scream "tourist', that helps i think.

    taxis: lots of Ponto taxis all over the city. When not taking the cab from the hotel or restaurant, these ponto taxis are safe and reliable-especially in the busienss districts. i never flagged one driving in the street.

    ATM: i had my PIN copied and someone started to have a field day with my ATM number-after i left the country! So, next gfo round, i made sure to only get $ from the airport ATM at arrival, then inside the bank lobby during banking hours. i think also the ATMs in the swanky shopping areas are likely targets of funny business, so i avoided going to the ATMs there. Oscar Freire area for example.

    Credit cards: OK to use in better restaurants and shops. they always have the processor table side and NEVER take the card away to process.
    Parks: safe during the day.and om weekends they oftem close roads for all the cyclists to enjoy car-free bike routes.
    Night time: i always took cans pint ot point. Oscar Freire area I felt very safe in walkign at ni over 7 years ago

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    Hi! I'm in same conditions as you but i'm "the husband". My girlfriend came here and she went to parque ib
    Ibirapuera and some other museums and no problem. She said that someone looked her and said something but well, normal.
    She never goes to the center alone because sao paulo "downtown" is not safe, you have to go early in the morning and after dinner you have to go out. Paulista avenue, and all neighbourhoods other person who respond you said correctly, are safe.
    Here is very popular to go shopping... Well, for me is boring but...

    At night, allways with taxi, whitout any doubt, even if you dont have money better to pick up a taxi and go to a atm to take money, they understand this and isnt bad..

    Sorry about my english but if you need more, we are here,,

    Good trip,, over 7 years ago

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