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We're a couple planning to visit Brazil for 7-10 days in September. Fernando de Noronha seems like a great destination. Are there other alternatives, more accessible from Rio or Buenos Aires?

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    Fernando de Noronha.
    You can go from Natal or Recife about 8 years ago

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    Hi Anders,

    Fernando de Noronha is the place to go, but the prices to reach the island by plane, the amount to pay to stay there and the time you have I don't think is realistic. Exists lots of options, I will give you my list of favorites:

    1)Morro de São Paulo - 3 hours by ferry boat from Salvador in Bahia. You also can spend 2 or 3 days in Salvador exploring the city and another 3 days in Morro.
    2)Praia de Pipa - 3 hours from Natal - Rio Grande do Norte. You will need to rent a car or take a van to reach this beach. This beach is very beautiful with great restaurants and confortable pousadas.
    3)Florianópolis - Easy fly from Argentina, this island of Florianópolis is located in Santa Catarina and it's high a developed area, Joaquina beach, Armação, Santinho, and Ingleses are the most famous beach's around. about 8 years ago

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    A friend of our kept on raving about Buzios near Rio. We ahven't been there but it is rated as a top destination on TripAdvisor. http://bit.ly/SGWbw8

    "If there’s a "beach economy," Buzios is its Wall Street. Its more than 20 beaches, world-class galleries, clubs and boutiques draw an elite set of travelers. Surfers love Geriba Beach, snorkelers enjoy Ferruda, hip Ossos Beach offers upscale beachside cafes and laid-back Ilhabela Beach offers a more down-to-earth Buzios experience."
    -TripAdvisor http://bit.ly/SGWbw8 about 8 years ago

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    Go to Maceio. I can't figure out why no one lists Maceio. It is just beautiful. about 8 years ago

    Answered by Linda via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Ilha Grande! Only 3 hours from Rio. Take the bus to Angra dos Reis and there you take a boat to Abraoo. Very cheap and easy to get to. Paradise island with no cars and lots of beaches. Divers paradise and old ruins in the middle of the rainforest ;) about 7 years ago

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    Try to go to Praia dos Carneiros in Pernambuco. Its way more accessible paradise!
    It was the Carneiros` family farm, and nowadays they have some hostels/pousadas around the area. Very nice restaurants inside of the hostels. almost 7 years ago

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    There are over 280 different beaches.
    With a mild tropical climate allover the year (32°C in the summer and 28°C in the "winter" around Salvador for example)
    Up North Salvador you have the famous "Costa de Coco" or Coconut-coast, and South you have the "Costa de dende" or Palm-coast.
    Nice really aphorodisiac beaches can be found at Arembepe, Abrantes, Praia do Forte, islands of Itaparica / Morro de São Paulo and Boipeba, Itacaré, etc over 4 years ago

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