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I plan to land in South America with a one way ticket and am beginning my first leg in Brazil for Carnaval. I hear to enter the country you need documented proof of exiting? However I don't know where my next stop will be, do I need a return flight out of Brazil to another country or do bus passes etc. suffice?

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    This depends very much from where you come from.
    Brazil follows a strict policy of equality -- as your country treats Brazilians, so will Brazil treat people from your country.
    So if you are for instance from the US, and the US require a return ticket or other sound proof that you indeed will continue your journey, then Brazil will probably require similar proof from you.
    Showing a bus ticket or a Hotel reservation or an invitation for some other country within three months after your planned entry to Brazil will hopefully help.
    Showing a flight back into your country of origin, even from another LA country, within a reasonable time-frame after your planned entry to Brazil might also be valid.
    You best ask your closest Brazilian embassy, or even better the embassy of your country in Brazil. about 8 years ago

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    Sdrude gave you an excellent answer. Brazil is usually very strict. Be sure to apply for a visa well in advance. If you're from the US, for example, it may take a while. The US doesn't make very easy for Brazilians to get to the US, so Brazil does the same to US citizens. over 7 years ago

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