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Backpacking in brazil during jan

over 8 years ago about Brazil

Hey travelers, I am planning to undertake a backpacking trip to brazil during the months of jan and feb so am in the proces of planning for the trip. I have budgeted 2 weeks in rio in feb for the carnival. Apart from that I am open to doling anything during jan.

So could any of you suggest places that I must absolutely see, I will include then in my trip. Information regarding festivals or attractions that happen around jan might be helpful also

I heard it is not very safe to backpack,are there ny places I should avoi?

Any recommendations and advice is welcome

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    Dear Datla
    Really it is dangerous in Brazil. I can not tell you where it is safe.. TAKE CARE IN EVERY PLACES......No place is safe. You should go to Santa Catarina beaches. They are beautiful and crowded in summer. The Iguaçu Cataratas are nice too..Keep in touch if you need... over 8 years ago

    Answered by marisa elvira via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Hi Datla,

    My time to be a backpacker is over, but you should start your trip in São Paulo, where you can see the "capital" of Latin America. This incredible city received influence from all over the world. From São Paulo, take a bus to Parati (Rio State) and enjoy one of the greatness tows in Rio State. From there go Rio de Janeiro - (city of Rio, because the State is also called Rio de Janeiro). In Rio a good place for you to stay is Mellow Yellow - http://mellowyellow.com.br/ - Everybody speaks English there and is close to everything, the only thing I don't like there is because you will share a room, a bathroom, etc....and they are too loud (as you can see I'm getting old!), but is backpacking that you are looking at right? - South of Brazil is nice...to Brazilians. If you want a REAL Brazilian experience with diversity keep going NORTH. Bahia, Recife, Natal are the places to go. Be careful after 6 pm in the big cities and avoid flashing money, a nice camera. Just use common sense and you will be fine! Enjoy your trip, respect the locals and have a great time mate. over 8 years ago

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    Brazil is too big a country for two months so choose your priorities and make peace that you will not be able to do everything!

    I disagree with both prior answers: since you are already going to be in Rio for carnival, skip south and south-east for the rest of the time. If you want superb beaches and a laid-back - although quite rustic - time, head north-east. Salvador, Natal, Recife and the beaches around them.

    You could also go to the Amazon, but it's time consuming and can get expensive.

    I wouldn't go to São Paulo unless you love urban life so much you want to spend your vacation partying indoors.

    The southern beaches are cool, but they get PACKED in jan and feb.

    Also, Brazil is not that dangerous if you use your common sense and be street smart: don't flash valuables around, don't walk alone at night, yadda yadda.

    Each region and city has it's must sees, so if you have more detailed ideas, it'll be easier to help you.

    Have a nice trip! over 8 years ago

    Answered by Renata Moraes via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Thanks guys for your valuable inputs. Renata, your inputs were very helpful. I needed your inputs in the following

    We were planning to go to Brasilia and Paneanal for wildlife sighting etc - Will the experience be similar to Amazon or should we just do amazon instead?

    From there we were planning to head to Barreirinha, Natal and Salvado for around 10 days. - Are there any specific places around these areas they we should deff go to.

    Fernando de Noranha for diving etc - This is turning out to be quite expensive, Any thoughts on whether there are similar places in brazil where i can get a similar experience or is this place the best diving experience i can get?

    It would be helpful if any of you could suggest hostels in the places i mentioned above over 8 years ago

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    Every place in Brazil received influence from all over the world!!!
    In Sao Paulo the only thing worth seeing is the MASP museum! Other than that it is just a huge, ugly, industrial city!... But if you like nightclubs, it is good for that too.

    About Carnaval, even though I am a Carioca (born and live in Rio) and I love the party here, I have to say that the best Carnaval of Brazil is Recife/Olinda!!! I am a person who loves Carnaval so much that it is the most important event of the year for me! And I have to say: Carnaval in Rio is great but in Recife is better!... over 8 years ago

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    Do not do this in Brazil!!!!!! The people are wonderful...but like the US there are many who are not..Brazil is NOT Europe about 8 years ago

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    If you have time for Amazon, stay at the Uakari Floating Lodge (in the Mamiraua Reserve) in Tefe, Amazonas. Yes, it is expensive to fly there, but Brazil is expensive (it's crazy sometimes). You may as well see the largest remaining rainforest in the world while you're there. As Jan is high water season, you will get a chance to canoe through the flooded forest. You can only do this at this reserve (book ahead).

    Spend a day in Manaus to do a day tour (also book ahead).

    As for Sampa, I agree skip it. There is nothing there to see or experience for a tourist.

    If you have time in Rio, go to Ilha Grande for a couple of nights. It's a lovely island off Rio (about 2 hrs drive out to the port + another 45 mins boat transfer). It's home to Lopes Mendes - one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There's also a blue lagoon, green lake, stuff to do like snorkelling, kayaking, hiking etc. Aqua Rio is the backpacker hostel in Ilha Grande & it has the best location on the beach. over 7 years ago

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    You should def check out Pantanal! One of the cities that will host the World Cup - cuiaba is very close to pantanal! Some hotels http://www.pousadapiuval.com.br o hotel pantanal mato grosso are very good! I'm from cuiaba so if you need Help planning Ill be happy to Help! My email leticia_a@live.com about 7 years ago

    Answered by Letty via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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