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    A good general rule, carry as much as you physically can and ship as little. This is because it allows you to resolve any customs issues yourself at the airport, avoid customs taxation, and avoid international shipping that can be very slow.

    Personally, I would bring the electronics, although bulky, due to their high value. (If it’s a long-term trip, I would even ship excess clothing or buy in Brazil if I had to.) To protect the equipment, I would stop by your local Customs office and have an officer sign off on a Customs Form 4457, otherwise known as a "Certificate of Registration for Personal Effects Taken Abroad."


    Form 4457 is a certificate that lists your item’s descriptions and serial numbers. Its function is to serve as proof that you owned each item before you left home.
    According to an ebayer with experience shipping to and from Brazil:

    “You should ONLY send packages to brazil through a tracking number. So you should ONLY send packages to brazil through PRIORITY AIR MAIL or EXPRESS MAIL or similar.

    A)After the package leaves America, you will track it through the brazilian postal se rvice site.

    B) You will access the Brazilian Postal Service through the following address. www.correios.com.br

    Even if you’re not fluent in Portuguese, Google Chrome’s “translate” function makes navigating to the tracking page on the site very easy. over 8 years ago

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    Bring!!! services (delivery, post, etc...) to Ilha Grande are limited and unreliable. Dont ship unless you have absolutely no choice; the catamaran from Angra dos Reis is faster and more organized, but you might get more assistance with your load if you take the boat from Mangaratiba. almost 8 years ago

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