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    It depends on what you like, as Brazil is a huge country, with lots of diversity. I will answer with a question: put these topics below in order of interest for you (most interesting first, least interesting in the bottom):

    ♦ calm desert beaches,
    ♦ crowded urban beaches,
    ♦ mountains
    ♦ coutryside,
    ♦ tropical rain forest
    ♦ big cities,
    ♦ small towns,
    ♦ intense nightlife,
    ♦ gastronomy,
    ♦ history & art (museums etc),
    ♦ adventure sports,
    ♦ European heritage,
    ♦ African heritage,
    ♦ (any other you like)

    After you do that, it is possible to give you some advice. over 8 years ago

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    If you have just 10 days, Rio de Janeiro can be a good destination because you can combine, in a same city, urban life, culture, "samba" (an icon from brazilian culture), nightlife... To help you more, it is important to know when you are planning visit Brazil (which month)... From Rio, you can visit Buzios (small city with a lot of beautiful beaches), for exemple. over 8 years ago

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    A suggestion:
    Day 1st to 4th - Rio de Janeiro
    Day 5th to 7th - Natal
    Day 8th to 10th - Fernando de Noronha
    You will see nightlife and beautiful beaches and places in Rio.
    Natal is one of the best cities in Northeast. Nice place, nice people and different things to do.
    And Fernando de Noronha is the most beautiful place in Brazil. There are 4 or 5 beaches considered the most beautiful ones. It is a paradise. over 8 years ago

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    As Paulo says, it depends what you are into ultimately, however Brazil does have a few key highlights which you'll want to definitely see.

    10 days isn't a huge amount of time, especially because Brazil is so very big, so my advice would be not to travel so far and focus on 3 places which are Iguassu Falls (the best waterfalls in the world), the Pantanal (the best place to see wildlife in South America) and Rio de Janeiro, probably the most beautiful city in the world.

    If it's beaches you are after then your options are endless - my favourite is Jericoacoara in the north, but be warned, you may like it so much that you'll never return! The same can be said for Fernando do Noronha, a paradise island which has amazing scuba diving and desolated beaches.

    If you want city and beach then I'd suggest either Rio and Paraty/Ilha Grande/Buzios or Salvador and Marau/Praia do Forte/Morro de Sao Paulo/Trancoso. It's a long list! over 8 years ago

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    If you want some insparations, you can also check out local guides and their profiles.

    For example: http://www.localguiding.com/things-to-do-in-rio-de-janeiro almost 8 years ago

    Answered by Toni via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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