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Hi all, I am going to be in Salvador de Bahia and I would like to go to Bolivia from there. I have looked at flights and I would have to change twice in Brazil before I can reach Bolivia. Would you know another way? Will I have to take buses all the way? Any help would be appreciated. I am on a tight budget so I cannot do anything extravagant. Thanks.

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    Hi Julie,
    Traveling in Brazil is sometimes very expensive. Since it is a big country, everything is far. Also we don't have the best airports in the world, I mean, with lots conection flights which make things a bit hard sometimes. Traveling by bus would be my last option, but if you don't have issues concernig time. It would be quite an adventure. Are you enjoying carnival in my city? It's a great party. This year I am not in town, I am in China, but I can say I love this party.
    Anyways, good luck on your trip. almost 9 years ago

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    hi Julie

    I strongly recommend avoiding bus travel in Brazil and Bolivia, it will take you days and for the sake of a few hundred dollars, you will lose your sanity. There is no direct flight from Salvador to La Paz, but you should be able to find a route with a single stop in Rio. Try GOL or TAM (Brazilian airlines). almost 9 years ago

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    definitely bus is the last option. This is because it would take too long.
    There is only one possibility: Flight.
    Airlines: Gol, TAM, LAN almost 9 years ago

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    Thanks all, I have changed my plans and will go to Brazil then Argentina then Chile and cross to Bolivia from there. almost 9 years ago

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