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Hi, I will be traveling in Bolivia for a few days (flying into La Paz, then seeing Salar de Uyuni, then crossing over to the Atacama desert in Chile). Then, I will be back and forth between Chile and Argentina for about 2 months. In total I will be traveling 2 and a half months.

Do you think I need to take malaria pills? I will be going from November to January.

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    In theory, by what you say, you won't be passing in a malaria zone (Amazon forest, for example), but you should see advice from a doctor specialized in travelers health (he /she may give you advice in many subjects, including in how to deal with the altitude you will experience in this trip). Always before traveling you should visit a travel clinic. over 4 years ago

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    The short answer: No
    The long answer: Absolutely no one traveling takes them there but there is a small risk potential in Bolivia, however I think it is just a statistic, I met someone absolutely freaking out about getting anti malarials for going to La Paz, but when we got there it was so high there wasn't even mosquitos! about 4 years ago

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