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Is it safe to travel by taxi in Bolivia? Lonely Planet's guide says travelling by taxi in Bolivia isnt safe and there are fake drivers who work for the rebels who then attack the tourist to obtain your credit card PIN. Is this true? I'm scared.

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    it's called Express Kidnapping, and sadly it's on the increase throughout the world, but especially prevalent in South America.
    Bolivia is not as bad as some places, but it's still a concern.
    The areas where kidnappings are most likely to occur include Plaza Abaroa, Plaza Humbolt (Zona Sur), Plaza Isabel La Católica, Plaza del Estudiante, Plaza San Francisco and the Altiplano, as well as the downtown area of the city.
    Just be careful when using an ATM. Open a travel account with a smaller balance (so theices can't get your life's savings) and a low daily withdrawal limit. Do not ever resist, it can get violent.
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    I spent a few weeks in Bolivia and was also petrified of taking taxis because of hearing the same stories. I always asked the restaurant or hotel to call me one as they had the numbers of legitimate taxi companies and drivers. When I liked a particular driver, I got their business card and used him for subsequent trips and to the airport. Also, be sure to insist on them turning on the meter unless you are happy with the negotiated trip costs BEFORE you get in the cab. Asking the hotel/restaurant host for an approximate range of fare is also helpful (I sometimes use the line of protest "50?! I paid 40 to get here." about 6 years ago

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