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Travelling safely in Bolivia?

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I'm seeing travel warnings (on the US gov site) for travelling on the roads around Bolivia, warning about unofficial taxies and demonstrations, protests and strikes. Is this a case of a travel warnings site being overly sensitive, or is it actually something to be wary of.

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    The road from La Paz down to the Amazon is (officially) the most dangerous road in the world and is the only time I've ever got off a bus and walked for fear of the consequences (and I've been on some pretty dodgy busses). Generally you need your wits about you in South America and Bolivia is no exception. The political situation there needs careful monitoring, although, that said, there have been protests, strikes and demonstrations for many years - just take care.

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    Something you've gotaa understand you'll travel to a very poor country so your expectations about transport should be according to the country. Now the road to Amazonia as Simon said is the most dangerous "the famous one" but now there's a highway with no accidents till now so that is not a problem anymore.

    Now in Bolivia you must expect strikes and road blockades but they are highly announced so you can be aware of it if you are inside Bolivia. If that happen there are in the road, other kind of transportation to get your destination.

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    Thanks for the update in that road! Nice to be aware of. I was in Bolivia 10 years ago and it is an astonishing country. over 10 years ago

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    well. I came back from Bolivia end of August.There was a blockade between Sucre and Potosi, so all roads were closed.No way to go through.Luckily we found a taxi who knew side roads..but it was kind of adventure.They were not raods, just trails.But many people were left stranded.Actually, there is a train from Sucre to Potosi, but nobody was saying that.La paz is not safe at night.Santa cruz de la sierra is not safe in the night.Sucre and Potosi are safe. about 8 years ago

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