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    Tatiana, Bermuda is one of the safest destinations on earth. Apparently your greatest concern will be having a local wag their finger at you for not starting a conversation with "good morning."
    Like everywhere, you CAN find trouble if you go looking for it.... the back streets of Hamilton after dark are best left to the drunks, drug-users and gangs - stick to well-lit streets in the evening.
    Bag snatching is a growing problem, especially if you rent a motor scooter and keep your purse in the carrier on the back (that's asking for trouble). Follow the usual common sense rules about handbag security (strap over the head and shoulder, don't leave it unattended, and gentlemen should keep wallets in front pockets).
    Speaking of renting scooters: foreigners are not permitted to drive cars in Bermuda, so there are no rental vehicles - except 50cc scooters. Unless you're an experienced rider I'd give them a miss, Bermuda's narrow roads are not the place to learn. Fortunately there are plenty of buses and taxis.
    Bermuda police have a handy set of tips for tourists: http://www.police.bm/content/tourist-safety-tips
    Burglary seems to be the biggest concern (a growing crime) with thieves targeting guests rooms. They favour the guesthouses were security might be less tight, so if you're staying on the islands rather than on the cruise ship, make sure you lock the room when you go out during the day and at night while you sleep (use the room or hotel safe).
    Don't know about you, but these are all sensible precautions that I use at home (and I live in a "good" neighbourhood!)
    Bermuda looks beautiful, I'm sure you'll have a great trip. over 9 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    I lived there twice for over 5 years total & after travelling around the world it is the most beautiful and picture perfect place. You will feel very safe here.. Things to look out for- renting a scooter be careful when it's wet and let the locals speed pass you.
    As in any other country drunks at night especially in Hamilton but not a big problem.
    Don't leave valuables in your scooter there can be robberies and 98% of the country is safe to go ! over 9 years ago

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    Do you mean by safe hurricanes? The season will be ending by then, so you should be fine..always a chance for a stray tropical storm - but that is why they make travel insurance. over 9 years ago

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