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Australian passport holder. Return ticket held from NYC in June 2013. Traveling thru Central and South America...US airlines will not sell me a ticket or let me board without a return ticket...anybody faced a similar issue and what was the workaround. Plan to overland from Belize to Guatamala but clearly need to get into Belize first...and am I likely to also have issues in getting into Belize if my fluid plan is to country hop my way south? Cheers

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    A condition usually applied to a tourist visa is that you have an onward ticket and sufficient means to support yourself while you're in a country. This is true of 99% of destinations across the globe. This ius because nations want some evidence that you're not intending to stay and be a drain on their public services/welfare/infrastructure.
    Perhaps all you need is a cheap bus ticket out of Belize - you don't have to use it, but you have to demonstrate that you intend to leave.
    The only other suggestion is that you contact the Belize embassy and apply for a full visa (rather than tourist visa), which will give you a chance to explain your plan. You'll still need to demonstrate that you won't be an illegal immigrant.
    Anyone got a better idea?
    Phil at the safety hub. over 8 years ago

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    Cheers. From what I have since read elsewhere it does not seem that the Belize entry will be a real issue...but time will tell. I was unable to book one way on Internet via American Airlines and subsequent phone follow up hit the "policy" response. Have since been able to book online with Delta via Atlanta but it remains to be seen whether that becomes an issue trying to board at GA. Plan is to bus back out through Guatemala then thru Central and South America and whilst I have a return ticket back out of NYC in 12 months am clearly reluctant to tear up dollars to satisfy what appears to be an airline rather than country policy. If anyone has had recent experience that would be great to hear about otherwise I will update the outcome in due course. Thanks over 8 years ago

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    For those that follow...Delta service was first class both at NYC and Atlanta. Boarding passes issued at NYC for both legs and no questions asked re return ticket. Customs on arrival at Belize was straight forward, no questions asked and no visa on arrival fee...so no different to most other countries (outside of UK and USA) and clearly a conservative and frustrating approach adopted by American Airlines. over 8 years ago

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    Thanks for coming back and posting this answer - it really helps others who are searching for the same info! Christy, Community manager, WorldNomads.com over 8 years ago

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