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I'm an American 22-year old graduate student, and will be travelling Europe this summer with a friend. Before I meet up with my friend, I'll have about 10 days to myself in London. I've already pretty extensively traveled London, so I'm considering taking the Megabus from London to either Brussels or Edinburgh for about 5 days. Both cities are of great interest to me, but I don't know a lot about either. I enjoy tourist attractions, as well as landscapes and architecture. I also appreciate craft beer, friendly locals, small concerts, and pubs. Which would you suggest I go to?
I am a young, white, American woman, but I am smart and have traveled on my own before, but of course safety is still important. Is either city any less safe than the other? It doesn't seem like it, but is it difficult getting around Brussels only speaking English (I know a little French, and that's it)?

Anyway, which city's better for me, would you say? Is one better for me to do in 4-5 days?

Thank you for your help!

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Map of Capital Region of Brussels