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I am in Australia for half a year and pretty keen on going to clubs or parties where they play hardcore techno. I have not been able to find any (apart from hardstyle and trance which would be my backup plan). Is this music really just a european thing?

Asked by Corinne via Site_iconTravellr.com

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    Hardcore isn't as prevalent in Aus as things like trance / hardtrance / hardstyle, but it is here. The cities where it seems to have the biggest followings are probably Perth and Brisbane.

    What part of Aus are you in and are you happy to travel to get to stuff? (I am constantly going up to Melbs for my hardstyle fix!). I will actually be up there this weekend and plan to catch up with a mate who organises hardcore parties over there so could ask her what is good for wherever in Aus you are. almost 12 years ago

    Answered by Jaidev S via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    I'm staying at Niko's at the moment. Melbs and Sydney would be a bit more convenient. And Hobart of course. I might consider Brisbane or Perth for a big rave though.
    Hardstyle is still better than no hard music but would be great if you could ask your friend! :) almost 12 years ago

    Answered by Corinne via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    If you're in Hobart you can check out a monthly night at Syrup called 'Pickle' or the 'Pitch Black' parties at Halo. Check the local newspaper on Friday or Saturday for events, or you can get flyers from Ruff-Cut Records in Elizabeth St Mall. These nights play the harder style of trance and techno, and sometimes with an interstate guest.

    For Melbourne a good starting place might be Jason Midro's Bass Station.

    Brisbane has a pretty strong following of harder styles of dance music, and Fortitude Valley often has many clubs that run until early morning / mid-day with bangin' tunes! almost 12 years ago

    Answered by Ian C via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    They sometimes have these psytrance parties at the Abercrombie Hotel in Sydney. There's also DNBBQ - drum 'n bass + bbq...

    Also, definitely watch out for the warehouse parties. They're excellent. Good website for all the goss is www.inthemix.com.au almost 12 years ago

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    The Met, The Beat and Family are good in Brisbane, head to the Valley, most of the clubs and bars are here... almost 12 years ago

    Answered by Courtney Simpson via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    Still waiting back to hear back on hardcore parties in Australia from that mate. For harder dance in Hobart you might want to check out next friday at Syrup, with Alex Kidd playing (www.myspace.com/djalexkidddotcom). Mostly its going to be hardtrance/style/house, but I think the night is closing with a hardcore set from St Nick which is a rare thing in Hobart...

    I will definately be there so PM me if you want to catch up. almost 12 years ago

    Answered by Jaidev S via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    Brutal Deluxe is putting on Hardcore parties in Perth.
    On 5th April 2015 they are bringing over OPHIDIAN (NL) for a hardcore boat party

    www.facebook.com/brutaldeluxeperth about 6 years ago

    Answered by Darren via Site_iconTravellr.com

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