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I'm looking at booking flights to Brisbane and in order to save $100 or so am considering booking a late flight into Sydney on the 24th Dec and an early flight out on the 25th Dec. Preferably I'd like to head into the city, take some night photos of Sydney and head into the CBD to eat some food and just hang around killing time until the wee hours of the morning... Any suggestions? Would I be better off just hanging around at the airport?

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    I am pretty sure that Sydney airport closes for a few hours in the middle of the night so I think that you'd be better off in the city. There certainly are some good spots for night photos of the bridge and opera house and skyline. I've no idea how lively the city is on Xmas Eve or what cafes are likely to be open all night. about 11 years ago

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    Where I live (although admittedly a little way out of the city) Christmas Eve is one of the biggest nights at the local pub where everyone goes out for a drink and a celebrate. It's probably best to try your luck going to a pub in the city rather than staying at the airport, and its only a short train ride. There are bound to be food places open all night on Oxford Street or in Kings Cross. about 11 years ago

    Answered by Yael Gaffney via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Kings Cross is definitely an interesting place to take some nighttime shots, and the clientele hanging around on Christmas Eve are likely to be even more engrossing than usual. Bear in mind that pubs and clubs are going to be packed, especially on Oxford St, in Kings Cross, and in the Rocks.

    If you can back it up on Christmas day, I definitely recommend going out and seeing this beautiful city rather than being stuck in the airport. That said, there is a certain Irish pub in there that may get you by… about 11 years ago

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    I'm pretty sure Sydney airport closes for a few hours due to flight restrictions and etc. The city is perhaps the best place to kill time. There are always places in Chinatown that open til late for supper and late night drinks. Kings Cross is good but can get pretty rowdy. about 11 years ago

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