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I'll initially be in Adelaide, but I have time to travel around the country. There aren't many google results for going on walkabouts [except for the occasional LOST reference], and I don't know if it's something you sign up for, or something you just happen to do one day.

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    "walkabout" strictly-speaking is a term that refers to the time in a young indigenous person's life when they remove themselves from their community and go to learn the traditional ways from an elder. This can be a few days at a time, or as long as a year. After this period the person is accepted back into the community as an adult.
    in a modern sense you can do a "walkabout" of your own... take a few days to go and see Uluru (Ayres Rock) near Alice Springs. You could go for a week-long tour of Kakadu in the Northern Territory. Or you could do what many many visitors (and Australians) do, get yourself a campervan (motorhome) and drive wherever you wish.
    We have everything from snow to tropical rainforest to bone-dry desert. Some of it you can catch a bus to, some requires a well-planned and very well supported expedition (especially into the desert).
    Have a look at our safety tips for Australia here:
    As for someone to organise a tour for you, one of our partners is World Expeditions (worldexpeditions.com.au) and i recently travelled to the Northern territory with one of their guides, and they were excellent. over 8 years ago

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