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    Hi Alejandra - Katrina from WorldNomads.com here.

    As a traveller, if you required emergency medical assistance and treatment, it is highly unlikely a hospital in Brisbane will refuse treatment. In the article, the journalist specifically mentions that the "ban only applies to non-emergency maternity and gynaecological procedures".

    I wouldn't let this article stop you from visiting Brisbane - However, just remember, medical tourism (ie. travelling to a place specifically to get medical treatment) is generally not covered by travel insurance.

    World Nomads travel insurance does not provide coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, which includes any condition that you were aware of, intend to claim for treatment, or have received treatment before you purchased your travel insurance (or extended your policy)

    You are also not covered for cosmetic surgery, elective treatment or routine medical or dental treatment eg. check ups. Please do read your full description of coverage / policy wording carefully so you understand what our insurers will cover (and not).

    If you require emergency medical treatment for a serious accident or illness while travelling, please call the Emergency Assistance team listed on your certificate of insurance/policy documents. They can assist you with finding the most appropriate medical facility for treatment if you are unsure. You can also retrieve the correct Emergency Assistance team's number here - http://www.worldnomads.com/emergencyassistance.aspx

    Safe travels, over 9 years ago

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    If you are from a reciprocal country ...you should register with Medicare when you arrive over 8 years ago

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