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I am writing a feature story about the dangers young people face when travelling today compared to 20 or so years ago. I would like to know how things how changed, what the dangers are, and what the most dangerous travel spots are?

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    Bekkah, depends what you mean by dangerous. Because I think air travel is safer now than it was 20 years ago. Young western travellers mostly have instant access to a mobile device so they can summon help if they need it (and ask dad for money to get out of a sticky situation). And their are companies like WorldNomads.com which not only sell comprehensive insurance cover, but also provide a service informing travellers about how to stay safe. This site "ask a nomad" is a tool that wasn't around even 2 years ago, and now is able to provide safety advice usually within 24 hours.
    Tourism almost everywhere is now more well developed, even remote African nations recognise that tourism is important to their economy, and the number one factor in attracting tourists is their safety, and go to great lengths to ensure it.
    There always have been and always will be trouble spots, but overall I'd say it's safer.
    Phil over 8 years ago

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