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We are travelling in Winter. We have a car but have yet to book any accommodation ? Where should go, where should we stay and what do absolutely have to see ?

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    Depends where you are starting from. If from Hobart, Frexinet is close and pretty (Wineglass bay), but not sure about what it is like at winter. I am a bit of a wino, so I would head to Launceston (great restaurant called Fi and Me I think) and do the Tamar Valley wineries. over 11 years ago

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    I would strongly suggest the following

    Wineglass Bay walk and stay at Freycinet Lodge. You would not regret going there at all. If you are travelling from Hobart then i would go all the way up the east coast on the way to Freycinet and check out all the lovely spots to stop off at and take in the view.

    I would also suggest going up Mt Wellington. We had some friends from Finland over and they through the view of Hobart from Mt Wellington was by far the best

    Also Salamanca Market is a must if you are staying in Hobart

    Richmond for the heritage, there are lots of wineries along the way to Richmond and also a nice old fashioned pub.

    Port Arthur Historic Site is also a must see in Tasmania

    Cruise on the Peppermint Bay Boat or a Cadbury's Tour

    Cascade Brewery is a good one as well.

    There are just a few ideas i guess to work from. Just letting you know all are these are from travel from the Hobart area. over 11 years ago

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    All of the above are great suggestions. If you had more time you could go to Strahan and go on the Gordon River Cruise, or head for Cradle Mountain. There's also Bruny Island, which makes for a good day trip to see the "Neck", the lighthouse at Cape Bruny and buy some of the local gourmet foods.

    To follow on from the first reply, Freycinet NP is on the east coast and the conditions are usually fairly mild (by Tasmanian standards) in winter. It is Tasmania though and can conditions can still be extreme (ie. bring warm, weatherproof gear).

    Mt Field is also a popular tourist destination. Many drive the 90 minutes from Hobart just to visit Russell Falls, which is admittedly very beautiful.

    Actually, a clear winter's day is the best type of day to experience Tassie's wilderness, but unfortunately it's sheer luck whether or not you are blessed with fine weather.

    If you like road trips, try going for the East Coast via the internal route from Campbelltown (you can return via the coastal route).

    For historic towns and bakery delights in addition to Richmond, I suggest Ross (incidentally, one of the bakeries there happens to be famous in Japan because it features in the anime film "Kiki's Delivery Service"), Westbury and Longford. Of course there are many more.

    If you find yourself in Launceston, visit Cataract Gorge ("The Gorge") and the historic City Park.

    Tasmania is so diverse that you won't possibly be able to do everything even if you had a whole month. Have fun choosing! over 11 years ago

    Answered by Dan via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    Oh Wow !

    Thank you so much for all your suggestions - They all sound fantastic.

    We fly into Launceston and out of Hobart , so could probably get to alot that has been suggested.

    Based on your suggestions , I'm thinking we should see:
    Wine Glass Bay
    Tamar Valley (Launceston)
    Salamanca markets (Hobart)
    Cadbury Factory (Hobart)
    Cascade Brewery (Hobart)
    Russell Falls
    Cataract Gorge (Launceston)

    Does that sound do-able ?

    Any suggestions on accomodation apart from Freycinet Lodge ?

    Thank you again

    Shoda over 11 years ago

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    I don't think that you are going to be able to do all of these.

    Cadburys and Cascade can be done on the same day
    Salamanca Market is only on a Saturday morning to mid afternoon you can do Richmond after Salamanca Market

    Wine Glass bay is about a 3 hour drive there form Hobart the give another few hours for the walk depending on how far you want to go.

    Russel Falls is about 1 hour and a bit from Hobart and can be cold so rug up if you go there

    Strahan is a long long long drive from Hobart and you would want to spend a day or more up there after the drive

    Cataract Gorge is very close to Launceston the drive from Hobart i would give 3 hours

    It all really depends on where you are staying either Hobart or Launceston. I would cut your list in half - Tassie is amazing and even tho it is small there are so many places to see.

    When my friends visited from Finland this is what we did in 3 days

    Day one: Salamanca Market, Richmond, Wineries on the way to Richmond, Mt Wellington and then a night out on the town in Hobart

    Day Two: Hung over we did Wine Glass Bay and didn’t get home till after 9pm so that was a full day stopping the whole way at lookouts

    Day Three: Cadburys and Cascade then we had a traditional Aussie meal then they flew home.

    Have fun choosing where to go and what to see! Tassie is a lot bigger than people expect. over 11 years ago

    Answered by Rachel Christian via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    Something really cool if you have time is to stop off the night at Bicheno on the East Coast. If you stay at the Flag Inn there you are right on top of a penguin rookery and they do nightly tours of the shoreline. My wife and I were luck enough to be on a tour with only one other couple and we had penguins walking right up to us and between our feet. A great experience!

    The suggestions above are all great as well. Have fun! over 11 years ago

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    What sort of accommodation are you wanting to stay in?
    Some lovely higher end accommodation in hobart is somerset on the pier (just across the road from salamanca), or The Old Woolstore (a 5 minute walk to the city or salamanca).
    There's a lovely B&B just up the road from the Gorge in Launceston called Werona (you can often get this cheap on Wotif). over 11 years ago

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    Hi Shoda
    Salamanca markets is only open on Saturday - so you need to take that into your trip planning. Also the Cadbury factory does not do the tour anymore - only gives you access to the shop and a DVD presentation - I would probably skip it.
    I personally think Freycinet Lodge is over priced. Try this site for other ideas www.wineglassbay.com. I would avoid Iluka Holiday Centre - just heard yesterday an awful review about this place from a friend.

    My trip plan would be for 5 night – 4 days – not a lot of time
    Day 1 – Launceston – visit the cataract Gorge and Tamar valley for some wine tasting
    Day 2 – East coast – stay at Coles Bay - Wineglass bay (or swap this for Cradle Mountain - beautiful and snowy in winter)
    Day 3 – Hobart – visit Port Arthur and Richmond (don’t forget the winery’s)
    Day 4 – Hobart – do the markets (if it is Saturday), Museum and Art Gallery, Mt. Wellington and Cascades Brewery or take a cruise down to Peppermint Bay for lunch
    Suzi over 11 years ago

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    Suzi - that is unreal ! Thank you so much.

    You have all been incredibly helpful.

    These are our plans now (I Think) based on your replies - still a little disappointed we won't be able to get to Strauhan but not too worry just means we need to come back later in the year :

    Day 1 - Launceston (where to stay ?) Cataract gorge and Tamar Valley
    Day 2 - Wine Glass bay Cruise (stay in Bicheno- Where ?) and Penguin Tour
    Day 3 - Richmond , Port Arthur (stay in Port Arthur- where?)
    Day 4 - Salamca Markets (yay it's a Saturday) and look around Hobart (where to stay)
    Day 5 Fly home :-(

    Thank you all very much - You have all been instrumental in helping me plan a very short -and long over due - break.

    At least now we won't be sitting in the car racing from place to the next without really seeing anything ...

    Shoda over 11 years ago

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    Port Arthur i would suggest staying at Stewarts Bay Lodge. We just had our 8 year anninversary down there! I love it and we have stayed there 3 times now and plan to get married down there. It is where i grew up camping all my life and now they have a lodge there. Google Stewarts Bay Lodge. You can walk from there in to this historic site or drive.

    Hobart there are many options and depending on how much you want to spend. I would stay away from Salamanca area for accommodation because of the night life there. I have never stayed anywhere in the Hoabrt area before because of living there so that wont be much help but i would stay away from Salamanca just because of noise.

    The Quest Savoy
    Grand Chancellor
    Zero Davey

    Just a few options not sure about price on them tho.

    Salamanca Markets are good. You can find so many places down there to have anice lunch as well after the markets.

    Enjoy your time in Tassie and remember the warm clothes over 11 years ago

    Answered by Rachel Christian via Site_iconTravellr.com

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