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Where is the best place, to stop/stay overnight? Anyone had any bad experiences on that road?

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    Are u planning to drive straight from darwin to broome or do you plan to see things on the way? And what kind of transport are you using ( car or 4wd?) Cause theres 2 roads that get you from east kimberley to broome and one is more for 4wd even though its fairly flat. Its generally pretty safe but the environment out there is remote and harsh so make sure you have enough water and medical supplies, and ideally some way to get help if any thing bad happens.... over 9 years ago

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    It's as safe as anywhere else in Australia. Just stay at campgrounds overnight, and not just at the side of the road and you will be ok. If you are concerned about breakdowns then just drive in a convoy with other travelers. You can find other backpackers or traveler at http://www.shareyourride.net/rides/Darwin+to+Broome/760-718/ , or check the local hostel boards. over 9 years ago

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    It is safe; as long as you plan properly.
    Understand if it's the wet or dry season - this changes things considerably. Often the Gibb River Road (unbelievably amazing rough dirt track that takes you through the best bits!), is not passable in the wet. Ask at the local service stations and even police stations what the current state of the roads is. They travel there all the time and will know in a lot more detail than someone who travelled there a year ago.
    Take lots of water; a big plastic drum with at least 20-40 litres. Consider taking a spare jerry can of fuel - the places to fill up are a long way apart. When I did this trip, we knew that our old 4WD could go 550km on a tank, assuming the road wasn't too rough etc. Everyday, we'd plan ahead with a map and work out the distances between fuel stops to make sure we never ran out! Also, tell someone where you're going, which route and when you expect to check in again - this might seem like overkill in this modern day but it's a pretty simple way to make sure someone will come looking if you don't check in.
    The camping was easy and beautiful spots everywhere - both in the campgrounds and off the roadsides. Pay attention to the signs - if they say that the river has Crocs in it, take note!
    As for trouble, we had a flat tyre somewhere on a rough remote road in the Pilbara. I the hour it took to change the tyre, there were three other vehicles that went past. Every single one of them stopped and asked if we were ok, needed help, wanted them to send a mechanic etc. It's just too remote to drive on and ignore people - just make sure you'd do the same in return.
    It's now been 10 years since I did this trip and it's the one place in Australia I really long to go back to. It does take a bit of planning, but there's absolutely nothing else like it on the planet. about 9 years ago

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