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Is Phillip island similar to kangaroo island. I will be spending my vacation Jan 2012 in Melbourne n sydney. To specially get a flight to adelaie to visit kangaroo would waste alot of time n money. Therefore would Phillip island have kangaroos and also exciting as kangaroo island

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    No. Kangaroo Island is larger, more wooded and much harder to get to. Animal life includes sea lions, seals and of course, kangaroos and wallabies.
    Phillip Island is close to Melbourne, has been largely cleared of natural vegetation and has many holiday homes. Animal life includes penguins, koalas and seals. It has good surfing beaches for the experienced surfer. There are day tours to Phillip Island from Melbourne. about 9 years ago

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    If you want to see kangaroos I would suggest you go to the healsville sanctuary about 40minutes east from Melbourne, there is nothing much at kangaroo island. Phillip island is where you go If you want to see penguins about 9 years ago

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