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On the way my partner and I will be travelling in China, SE Asia and India. Can we get travel insurance for this? We have dual nationality of the UK and Australia but it seems difficult if you're not returning to the country of origin, i.e where the trip starts from.

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    Hi Ashley - Katrina from WorldNomads.com here. You can buy WorldNomads.com travel insurance for a one way trip or any trip which starts in one country and ends in another.

    Just be aware, when you buy a policy with us, you have to decide which country you would want to be repatriated back to if you are seriously sick or injured and it's decided you should be returned home for ongoing medical care. This country becomes your "country of permanent residence" when you get a quote/buy your policy.

    If you choose the UK as your country of residence, this has a special definition:
    - if purchasing the policy and not currently in the UK (trip has already commenced) you must be a British Citizen defined as: A UK Passport Holder which describes the holder as a British citizen or citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies, who has a permanent residential address in the United Kingdom and unrestricted right of entry to the United Kingdom.

    Also be aware, that as soon as you set foot in that country of residence you choose, the coverage effectively ends, as you're not covered while "at home".

    All of our policies differ, depending on the country of residence you choose, so best to read them carefully to make sure you know what you're covered for (and not) and make sure the policy is right for you. Please do contact our team if you've got any questions - http://worldnomads.com/contactus.aspx

    Have an awesome trip! about 9 years ago

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