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Hello, I'll be three weeks in Australia and I heard that the living costs is somewhat high. How much money should I take for tours and eating out? Thank you.

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    Minimum would be $AU1000 after you work out accomodation costs. Sydney can be very expensive. Also, travelling from one place to the next can cost alot, as the distances can be great. Hope this helps. over 9 years ago

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    Depends on what you are doing. I stick to a daily budget of $40 per day, but I get my food covered at work and that doesn't include activities like Bridge Climb and such. Agreed, $1000 runs out very fast in this country. over 9 years ago

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    Excluding accommodation and shopping, AUD60 a day would be comfortable for one. Sydney ain't cheap at all. Plus, AUD is strong at the moment.

    Couple months back, we were in Melbourne and spent on average AUD120-140 a day for two just on food and drinks (beers only)... 3 or 4 meals daily.

    Hope this is helpful. Have a great trip! over 9 years ago

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    My work mate and his girlfriend are heading there this November for three weeks. They've already paid for flights, excursions and hotels and are working on about £100 a day for things such as meals, drinks and touristy stuff... over 9 years ago

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