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Twins are 5 months old. Wondering how best to get accommodations for tight budget? Would love to RV the trip, but prices seem out of reach. Relocation services are tough with babies as we may get stranded if deal falls through. Thanks!

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    Why not have a look at either http://www.airbnb.com or http://www.couchsurfing.com

    I've used the first one with my family and it was both pleasant and cost effective about 9 years ago

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    Darwin and Cairns are both tropical - hot and humid a lot of the year, and hot and dryish the rest of the year - how do your babies like the heat? I would personally think you'd have more accommodation options in Perth as well as a more moderate climate :-) about 9 years ago

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    Cairns is a beautiful city with lots to do all day. It is a little warm but it is lovely and laid back city. Plenty to do with the kids as well. about 9 years ago

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