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I was a tourist. On 8th May after visiting Darling Harbour. Around 2.30pm I went to a foodcourt near paddy Market.

I kept my hand bag on the floor - but between my feet. While having my food an Asian woman came and asked me about the food. After a while an Asian man came and sat in front of me started making a big noise

After the meal I found my bag was missing - a lost of nearly $250 in cash, Sony digital Camera and other personal items to a total value of over AS$600.00.

Food court staff just ignored. There are no Security cameras in this most crowded place in Sydney. The security came after almost 20 minutes and they only asked me to go to Police Station who gave me a Victim's card to go home as I lost me weekly ticket and was unable to return home.

I am sure that the food court staff are certainly involved in this robberies. There was no way that they didnt hear the noise made the man seated in front of me. Avoid foodcourts in China Town

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    It's not a nice feeling to be robbed is it, not only really inconvenient but sort of like an intrusion on your person.
    While I feel for you, and understand how angry it makes you, there's not much than can be done - other than warn others as you have.
    And here lies a lesson for us all.... even in supposedly "safe" cities like Sydney, there are low-lives who'll take advantage of trusting and unsuspecting visitors.
    I'm a Sydney resident, so on behalf of the 99.999% of us who would not even contemplate a low act like that - sorry.
    Phil over 9 years ago

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    Hi Phil

    Thank you for the reply. The most unpleasent to me was the ignorance of the food court staff and that is what made me to think that they too are involved in these robberies. If not theres no way they couldnt hear the loud noise made by the man seated in front of me. Even thattitude of the ploice was very lethargic and it seemed to me that I was justanother victim. Anyway I appreciate your response and thanks for your concern. Kind regards - Fon over 9 years ago

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