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My partner and I are moving to Australia for the year and will be looking to work as of December '11 / January '12. Has anyone managed to secure work before arriving or if not how easily do people manage to pick up work when in the country?

We are looking to move to either Sydney / Melbourne or Brisbane, depending on where the work is and my partner is a primary school teacher (between 4 - 11 year olds) and I work in customer service for a Australian company (Telstra)

Any suggestions or real life stories would be greatly appreciated,

Many thanks

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    I can't really help when it comes to work with telstra, although I would consider applying at various "telstra shops" if you have good phone knowledge, and sales skills. I don't know how many call centres they are here? I am actually with telstra, but every time I've called, an indian answers, so I assume the call centres are abroad.

    Its much easier to get work in a primary school then a high school, so the age your partner teaches is perfect. I suggest looking more into the places you would rather live, then looking on seek.com.au or contacting local schools via email/phone. I know there are plenty of Primary Schools where I live here on the Sunshine Coast (about an hour from brisbane) if she can work in Private schools as well as public she has a high chance of getting employed, although I would still research and contact prior to coming. You sound very flexible with location, so I don't think finding employment will be a problerm. Have a look here: http://tiny.cc/TeachingOnSeek

    Good luck with the move :-) almost 10 years ago

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    I didn't apply in advance, but if you are eager to start work immediately upon arrival, I recommend Seek like Emma says above. But with that in mind, it is relatively to find work once you are there and most employers want to make sure you arrive before scheduling an interview. I found work in Sydney within a few weeks of applying for jobs. almost 9 years ago

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