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I want to leave Australia by boat to Indonesia. Darwin seems to be my safest bet...

I found some story's of travelers making that trip but most of them are quite old by now.

Does anyone know of any Freight companies still taking on passengers or has another idea?

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    I had a look into travelling on freighters as well a while ago. You will have a very hard time finding anyone giving you a lift on commercial freighters. It's an insurance thing, if you get serious ill at sea they pretty much have to turn around and take you to the next hospital, and any detour will cost the ship owner a lot of money for diesel and fines for delayed cargo delivery.
    You should check out the marina and small sailboats, those people are more likely to accept passengers/crew to help out on the boat. Sometimes you can find this sort of trips on gumtree, or check the local notice boards in hostels and public places. over 9 years ago

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