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Are there alot of tourists in Alice Springs?

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    Yes, Alice Springs gets a few tourists - but if you're think of towns in Europe that get over-run by tourists every summer, it isn't anywhere near that scale. On a world scale, Alice Springs would still be seen as very low key tourism.

    If you look at the downtown area, it isn't over run by touristy shops or internet cafes or all the other clues you get when tourism has taken over. Even in peak season, this is still very much a town that people live in.

    I've found that local people are still interested in meeting people from around the world, a bit intruiged why they've come to their town and will chat to you over a beer in the pub, etc.

    Also, while there are things to see within Alice Springs, in many ways it is a base for visiting the natural scenery of the area - the MacDonnell Ranges, Palm Valley etc. And out there, even in peak season, you can still find quiet places without anyone else around.

    Finally - while down the road Uluru (Ayers Rock) might have some issues related to the high number of tourists going there, Alice Springs is much much more laid back. In the downtown cafes, surrounded by locals - not just other tourists, you can get a feel for what it is like living in the outback. It is a town that welcomes tourists but remains authentic and not over the top touristy. almost 10 years ago

    Answered by Deb via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Not really. As @Deb says above, compared to towns in Europe or even other places in Australia like Sydney or Cairns, Alice Springs isn't that touristy. There are a handful of touristy art shops and souvenir places, but they're in the town centre and easy to avoid if you want to. I almost 9 years ago

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