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Ok, I've recently won a travel voucher for a photography contest, and figured I'd like to use it taking more photos. Fraser island is a place I visited as a child, and is somewhere I would really like to visit again with all my gear.

My plan, (as is usually the case) is to wander around, follow my nose and sleep where I drop. I'm aware I can't do that (legally) on Fraser island due to camping permits and nasty wildlife concerns, but I would never-the-less prefer to avoid tours and bushwhack it myself from campsite to campsite.

There are a few concerns with this however, one is food availablility for someone doing this, another is accomodation (I could carry around a tent, but I'd prefer not to).

I'm not looking for what most people look for when they visit Fraser island, but rather a rough, tough, cheap walking route through the island that may take up to 2 weeks that allows for my photography.

I wonder if anyone out there could help me with this?

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Map of Fraser Island