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    Hi, It is quite an easy task to drive around Australia in 6 months. When to start depends on which side of the country you will be leaving from. Also the direction Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise has a bearing too, e g: if you are interested in WildFlowers, West Australia begins to burst into bloom from the North in July finishing in the Southwest late October.
    The best time to be in places like Broome is between May to August, however it is also the hardest time to get accommodation. So if you are leaving from Sydney travelling west the ideal time to leave is February, you will miss the Wildflowers but will travel in warm (not hot) weather all the trip. Please be aware it is not advisable to travel around the top of Australia in the Hot Wet Season November through April. You will need a reliable vehicle and it would be sensible to join one of the Motor Organisations which would give you free road side assistance during your trip. From Perth through to Cairns there are big distances between towns and the total distance is around 6500km. you can google around Australia drives and get quite a lot of good info for example one of the best parts of you trip will be on The Savannah Way http://www.savannahway.com.au/
    Good luck almost 3 years ago

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    Hi Dave, thank you for yr advices I need all I can get! I thought to start in November in Sydney or Melbourne and than Clockwise to go to Perth - Darwin - Alice Springs/Ayersrock - Cairns - and the last 2 month (March and April) along the East Coast back to Sydney. No good idea??? What would be a better one? almost 3 years ago

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