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I am getting my PADI certification in Australia and am concerned about having the best experience on the disappearing GBR with rental equipment. Another relatively new diver has suggested I get my own gloves (I have small hands) and mask, and I already have a snorkel. Anything else? My distance vision isn't bad (although I wear glasses to better see at the movies and to drive in strange places at night where I don't know the signs), should I invest in prescription glass for my mask?

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    Hi Catherine,

    Great to hear you are want to get into diving. The GBR is a beautiful place to get some diving experince.

    I personally started of with having mask, snorkel and fins (don’t go for the full foot fins - get some boots with the fins - you won't get blisters from the rental fins and it’s great for shore diving because you can put on the fins in the water). With this equipment you can go snorkelling as well all the time you want . Gloves are very helpful but might not be one of the first things you might need. Its great for protection especially when you want to go wreck diving.
    See how you go. After this I’ve got a wetsuit - dive computer - regulators and BCD. But see how much you love it.

    I tried prescription classes before but currently I am using contact lenses when I go diving (I usually get a pack of 30 day lenses and put them in my gear bag). I am pretty blind and can’t even see the signs in bright daylight without my classes ;) I found It more convenient on the boat not to switch back and forward with my classes. I hope this helps.

    Save diving,
    Ulli over 2 years ago

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