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Before this, I have never travelled further than Europe, and only ever with family or friends. This trip will be my first solo journey, and I just want to make sure I am as safe as possible while working and travelling.

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    Despite its reputation as a dangerous place, Australia is pretty benign. Its a modern, westernised country with big(ish) cities. So, all the usual dangers apply - being injured in a traffic accident is probably chief among them. Nothing you're not armed to deal with.
    You'll have heard about the high density of our poisonous spiders, snakes and swimming things with sharp teeth, but practically for city-dwellers they;re not an issue. Except the Drop bears - they're a real nuisance, especially during mating season. Don't stand under eucalyptus tree branches October to April. over 5 years ago

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    Make friends with the visitor information centre staff.

    Many regional and rural towns have visitor information centres. Often they are staffed by volunteer locals. We have found them to be an incredible resource in the past. They have helped us with information about road closures, given us awesome tip offs for getting off the highway, and have even warned us about a locust swarm that was on the way!

    And the best bit is that they are often super duper enthusiastic about their local town which always makes for great conversation. over 5 years ago

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    Get your medicare card, dependent on your nationality you can access medicare card which means you can get free healthcare whilst in Australia.

    Generally is very safe westernised country and just take normal precautions regarding personal safety that you would do in any big city.

    I really enjoyed surf lessons whilst at Byron bay, an the knowledge I learnt about rip tides and generally safety in the sea was really useful stuff. Especially when I got caught in rip on the west coast.

    Enjoy your trip Australia is a truly beautiful country over 5 years ago

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    Don't hitchhike, otherwise just use your commonsense. The wet season is Dec- April in the north, not the time to travel there... over 5 years ago

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    Depending on where you go in Australia - its relatively safe. Every large city has its own dangers, so just be mindful of not walking alone at night in dark alleys (just as you would at home).

    If you do find yourself in an emergency situation - call 000 (ambulance, fire, police). over 5 years ago

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