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I'm spending 5 months in New Zealand, SE Asia and Australia. Due to timing constraints, if I spend any time doing the Australian East Coast, it will have to be the month from the 20th June to the 20th July. The alternative would be staying in New Zealand for this time, having already spent 6 weeks there. Is it worth doing the East Coast? I'm aware that this is the coldest time of the year in Australia, and I'm worried that places like Byron Bay will be ghost towns. Does anyone have any ideas on the average weather during July in Australia? Thank you in advance for any help on this!

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    Weather will still be pretty good north of sydney and get even warmer as you head up the coast towards cairns (or vice versa if you are heading down).

    Most of the north east coast, especially byron and anywhere in qld will be busy ... no ghost towns there. In fact it's common for people who live in Sydney to head up to queensland for some warmer weather during winter.

    Now having said all that, don't get me wrong, Sydney will still be quite cold, and probably wet, but that is cold by Sydney standards - not as cold as NZ. almost 6 years ago

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