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    If your funds extend that far then I would highly recommend renting a car. The road from Hobart to Freycinet has loads of fabulous places to stop, a car gives you the freedom to make these stops.
    You could also post on gumtree to see if there are other like minded travellers who want to share in the cost of a hire car. I have seen loads of people advertising a free spot in their car or searching for a free spot in someone else's car.

    The highlights I can recommend in terms of food are: Scorchers in Orford, their wallaby pizza is delicious! Kate's Berry Farm just before (if you are on your way to Freycinet) Swansea, the fruit ice creams are amazing, as are the waffles and pancakes. Between Swansea and the turn off to Coles Bay/Freycinet are a number of wineries, my favourite would be Devils Corner, which is on the right just after/down the hill from the great Oyster Bay lookout. Both the lookout and the winery provide a gorgeous view of the the Hazards in Freycinet.
    Other interesting stops include many of the beaches along the way and the spiky bridge.

    To enter Freycinet national park - you will need a parks pass, but this can be purchased at the visitor center at the entrance to the national park - don't worry, you can't miss it.
    Freycinet National Park itself is of course stunning with loads to see, it's well worth walking into Wineglass Bay (actually this is a MUST), also make the stop at the Cape Tourville Lighthouse. I personally like stopping in at Honeymoon Bay.
    In Coles Bay, the coffee and pizza's at Tombolo are super tasty. The food is also quite good at Freycinet Lodge. Both places have a fantastic view!

    Sorry I got sidetracked - the question was about transport. Car is best, either rent or find people to share with. Alternately there are busses.
    (A number of people hitchhike, and most Tasmanians are quite happy and helpful - but I can't say whether I would advise it or not.) about 5 years ago

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    Hi Roberto,
    Catharina has given you excellent advice, but just in case your budget doesn't stretch to car hire, here is an alternative. Catch a Tassielink bus from Hobart to Bicheno (http://www.tassielink.com.au/timetables/east-coast-hobart-bicheno) and from there use the local bus service from Bicheno to Freycinet (http://www.freycinetconnections.com.au/).
    Enjoy your trip! When are you coming down here?
    Shanna almost 5 years ago

    Answered by Shanna via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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