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I'm on a Work and Holiday and wanna backpack up the East coast. I'm traveling alone, but am looking for the most cost-effective, yet least lonely way of traveling!

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    You can travel solo on all our trains, planes. It is not safe to hitch hike! about 6 years ago

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    Crain is certainly not one of the largest populated City in Australia. The main road from Sydney to Cairns is the World's longest beach road which is called Australian "gold cost" road, you should heat the road and take a road trip for your journey. The distance between Sydney to Cairns is 2730 KM (1,695.33 miles). Approximately It will take time 32 hours by car travelling. It may be take more times, that depends on the road condition.
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    Your question reminds me of a young lady who took her two young daughters on the Sunlander train between Brisbane and Cairns. Nostalgia! (Yes, one of the children was me, and this was in the late 70s..I am showing my age). So I had a quick look and the Sunlander train is still in operation http://www.queenslandrailtravel.com.au/railservices/pages/the-sunlander.aspx . I loved it! (I was 7 at the time but still) over 5 years ago

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    Check the hostel boards for a lift offer, take the train, or use the Greyhound buses. over 5 years ago

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