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I have a friend from the US that's considering a move to Australia and is concerned as to how long it may take her to find work. She's considering moving to Sydney and understands it's likely she may have to take a casual position within a bar, restaurant, with an office temping agency or in a retail store upon arrival.

Can you please provide any details of the experience you had when arriving in the country. It would also be extremely helpful if you could include any information on the amount of money you spent on arrival in the country prior to securing a regular income. Also, any insight into the average weekly income you were able to secure would be much appreciated. Thanks very much.

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    Well, I landed here in 1989 with $80 in my pocket. A guy walks into the hostel 4 hours after I'd landed and says "does anyone want a job" ... so my hand goes up and I had work.

    As it turned out, the job was collecting glasses in the 'Les Girls' bar in Kings Cross on their last night as they'd lost their license. FYI - Les Girls was an infamous transvestite bar so my introduction to Australia was being chatted up by 6 ft men in frocks singing "I did it my way" all night.

    So, as long as you're prepared to take on anything and roll your sleeves up and get stuck in, it's still a pretty easy country in which to get work.

    Having said that, Sydney is much more expensive than it was 20 years ago and I really wouldn't recommend landing with so little financial cushion! over 10 years ago

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    I started looking for work, but wasn't really trying that hard. I handed my CV to a bunch of cafes and places, but most of them weren't even hiring, they just said they would keep it on file. Then I signed up for my RSA class and handed my CV to a few places on the walk home. I got a job that day. It's all about knowing where to look. Also know that many bars only want to hire females since most of the customers are male. over 9 years ago

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