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I really wanna backpack around the world, but I'm an 18 year old girl who is going by herself...is it safe? How can I stay safe? What should I be prepared for? (I know, it depends on where I am, but Europe is the main place I'd be in).

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    I was 16 when I first had the opportunity to travel on my own. In your case, since you want to tour Europe mainly, I suggest you do your research about the country and its culture. I assume you have already done this. Nevertheless, it's critical to find out everything you can about a place you haven't been to, especially if you are traveling alone. When it comes to safety, my advice would be to always stay in a public place. Never go with strangers, particularly men. About what to prepare for, I would suggest that you prepare for the weather. Prepare for any special occasions, too. Are you going to stay within the city limits at all times or are you planning to engage in some crazy sports/activities? Ask yourself that question as well. Research is also key. Visit review sites to get ideas on where to stay and where to eat. There are a good number of forum sites, too, where you can get practical tips when traveling to a particular city or country. In any case, I would recommend www.jetsettr.com.au as an excellent source of accessories you can use for your around-the-world trip. Good luck! about 6 years ago

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    I can sense your anxiety and anticipation - stepping out into the unknown. You'll have the travel bug before you know it!
    Thinking back to when I first travelled overseas as an 18 year old, I made some dumb decisions and was lucky quite a few times. But in an attempt to put an old head on young shoulders try starting here with our tips for women travellers
    Here's an idea, I see you're from Young in NSW. Why not get yourself down to Sydney and stay in a backpackers hostel for a weekend, talk to the women travellers you meet and ask them for their safety tips and advice.
    Just take a deep breath, use common sense and you'll have a great time.
    Phil at the safety hub. about 6 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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