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Hi folks, I am wondering if you can give me a rough idea in US dollars how much would it cost to go to Australia for a month in February. I will be hitting Sydney and surrounding beaches, Melbourne, The Great Ocean Road and the beaches on the Gold Coast. Thanks in advance.

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    Depends how much you want to live it up. In Sydney you can get a $50 steak or a $5 noodle dish, you can stay in a backpackers or a five star hotel. Australia is pretty expensive though. Aus/US dollar about equal so no need to convert. here are a few everyday items and prices.
    My lunch today, a salami and salad sandwich (large one) was $9.45. Bus fare from Sydney CBD to Bondi Beach is about $3.50. Fuel (gas) is around $1.50 a liter ($5.65 a gallon). An average airfare from Sydney to Melbourne is around $100. You can rent a compact car for about $30 a day. A case of beer (24 330ml bottles) is $42.
    Hope that helps. Phil over 8 years ago

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    Hi AlohaBill,

    Phil's prices are right on the money. It really all depends on what sort of trip you are taking - are you backpacking? You can get decent hostels for about $30/night. Lunch/dinner should cost you around $10-$15 at a takeaway place or a pub, but restaurant meals you'll be looking at more like $30. If you plan to go out at night, beers are around $6 each and wines $8 each. You will inevitably spend more than you anticipate, but I would say a budget of $100/day is fair if you are planning to stay at a hostel, have a few drinks and do some local activities. - Alicia over 8 years ago

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