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I would like to take my 3 sons with me on holidays for two months (July/August) to Australia - any suggestions on where we can go that is not only child friendly but not expensive? We are all swimmers and my eldest is mad about ocean life - my budget is incredibly tight but I'd like to give them the experience of a lifetime. Any help would be appreciated!!

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    Hi Adrianne, A few things to consider...

    Firstly, Australia + tight budget doesn't work. Our exchange rate is the highest it's ever been and most tourists are finding things like eating out *really* expensive. Even Aussies are flocking overseas like mad to take advantage of 'cheap' holidays.

    Secondly, July/Aug is mid-winter for the Southern half of Australia. Despite everyone's fantasy that Australia has endless sunshine and beach life, it's just not true. Mid-winter means snow in the mountains, freezing chilly winds in Melbourne and even Sydney, and way too cold for ocean swimming . The Northern half of Oz however has only wet/dry seasons and you'd find that Darwin, Broome and Cairns nice at that time of year. Given your constraints, I'd seriously think about this plan. Either come in Oct/Nov or Feb/Mar when the weather is better.

    And as for budget, you could really give your kids the experience of a lifetime hanging out on the beaches in SE Asia (Thailand, Malaysia etc)... worth thinking about. You can travel here somewhat cheaply (i.e. look at beach house rentals on www.stayz.com.au, www.gumtree.com.au or check out the family room rates at YHA www.yha.com.au/, and hire a car/van long term from www.travellers-autobarn.com.au/).
    Have a search around this site - a lot of people have asked about things like the cost of meals in Sydney... it'll help you understand how much money you'll need. Good luck! about 8 years ago

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    Three young boys. Go to Surfers Paradise and spend the two months hitting the waves. Accommodation is quite cheap there at the moment and the surf is always good, the beaches patrolled by life savers. If you need to break things up a bit there are the theme parks. Take them to one a week for a day of fun and laughter. You can buy the tickets at a discount if you visit three. Good value.
    The food is excellent and well priced and there are plenty of supermarkets where you can buy food to prepare at home. The medical services are fantastic if you should need them.
    I think Surfers paradise is the best place in the world to holiday when you have a family.

    I about 8 years ago

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