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Hi! I was taking into consideration the possibility of going to study to Sydney, I already know which VISA I should get and everything, but I want to know a little bit more about the experience as an international student since it really gets expensive. I'm going to study nursing and the cost is around 24,000 in the University of Sydney.
I have a good chance to get into any other university in Florida, and I think it is just a fantasy of mine but I really would like to know how things work there and the costs.
Thank you!

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    The cost of living in Sydney can be high.

    It all depends on how you live, where you live, how much you drink etc.

    As a general guide, if you would like to live near the campus, the rent for a room in a shared apartment is from $120-200 per week ex. bills. A cup of coffee is $3-4. You can get a sandwich ham & salad sandwich for around $7. A schooner (425mL) of beer will set you back $3-7. If you wander to Chinatown, you can get a meal for around $10.

    If you want to cook at home, I usually spend around $50-70 per week on groceries for breakfast, lunch and the occasional dinner I make at home -- I buy a lot of fresh produce. There are lots of organic markets and co-ops around so you can get good quality produce. In fact, Sydney Uni has their own co-op.

    Transport in Sydney is convenient enough, $43 per week will get you an unlimited pass to travel on buses, trains, ferries, and light rail (tram), otherwise a one-way short bus fare is $2.

    Hope that helps! :) over 8 years ago

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