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I'm planning on my first RTW trip and I was thinking of going to Australia to work and get my expenses of visiting that country paid that way and hopefully make some extra with me. I'm not picky about my work, mostly I would be interested in farm work. And how easy it is to find a job there?

Is it worth the stop there just financially speaking? I know it's a very expensive country (at least compared to Asia) and that's why I have my second thoughts about it.

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    I did Australia on a big around the world trip 25 years ago. Very different to Asia but its an extraordinary country. Current unemployment rate is 4.5% so yes, it's pretty easy to find work.

    I returned to live here a few years later and still are. over 8 years ago

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    Is is easier to get a job by going to area outside of melbourne sydney and brisbane. over 8 years ago

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