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Harvest trail and route

over 8 years ago about Australia

Hello everyone,

Bit of advise needed here. First time traveller.

Heading to Oz Jan 2013 on W/H visa landing in Melbourne.

Will have £7k in the bank saved, a massive overdraft and credit cards coming out my ears.

However after a year down under going to head through Asia before returning to grey England.

Obviously going to try my hand at getting any work around Melbourne upon arrival i.e finance, office, admin, customer service etc. I have loads of experience and a BA Hons degree I am also a grade 8 guitarist and music theory, so could teach and i am open to bar work.

Failing that (i.m sure i will) going to work the Harvest trail as much as possible to make my way through Victoria, NSW then up through Queensland.

WH visa - Sorted

Tax code - Will do upon arrival or can i do before i leave?

Oz bank account - Same as tax code?

How do i get an RSA?

Is starting in Melbourne in Jan a good idea for the Harvest trail?

I can't drive, so how much will this hinder my working the trail?

Should i head to Western Oz and just work like a beaver for 6 months?

Any tips on where to find work? Apart from sites:






Is there a jobs database/board which is updated regularly?

What are the best recruitment agencies to register with?

Anyone ever worked the route listed above or similar? Any farms, routes, agencies go

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    Work about Australia website & harvest trail websites should have info you need. End of year I know there is fruit picking around the Yarra Valley, like Yarra Glen, Healesville, Seville, Monbulk etc. over 8 years ago

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    1.Tax code in Australia is called a Tax File Number. Its basically so the Gov knows who they are taxing (everyone has one in OZ) and you need it to have a job. Don't fake one as you will be caught out pretty quick.
    OZ bank Acc, Im not sure but they love it when you have proof of identity, so enure you have passports, birth certificate, drivers license, something with your address on it like a water bill etc
    3. RSA is a short course 2-4 days. You can get it from a tafe and its easy to get. Not sure the price, but at a guess, about $100-200.
    4. Harvest trail. I'm not sure where to start, but if your in Melb, theres work in the winery area in Mornington Peninsular (south of Melb) and across the state.
    5. Handy Tips. Having a car can expensive here and don't always go for something made in Germany as it is familiar to you, because parts here can also be expensive. Try for a Toyota or common vehicle here.. 2nd hand parts are easier to find.
    6. looking for work, this is your best option http://jobsearch.gov.au/ it will show you heaps of job agencies and you can apply from where u are now.
    Finding work in Melbourne is not too bad. If you happy to do laboring, there's plenty. I live in Melb and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.. Happy travels about 8 years ago

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