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    Cut your losses and fly out, seriously it is a very, very long way, from anywhere, boring beyond belief in its momotonous sameness from Ayres rock back to Sydney, if you travel by road, With the possible exception of Coober Pedy, which is what Las vegas would look like if you put it all through an industrial grinder and reduced all but 1% to white dust, then built the above ground structures from the 1% rubble. Mind you underground Hotels are an interesting deviation. The true beauty of the red centre can only be seen at dawn and dusk. almost 9 years ago

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    There are always good domestic flight deals, I would choose the flight above a 20+hour drive along some dusty roads. You may have all the time in the world - but the conditions really are harsh and I would never recommend a long drive on those roads unless you knew the country well. Think Kangaroos at dawn and dusk jumping out of you, and thats the least scary thing that will happen.

    Once in Alice Springs, there are numerous day trips etc, as well as organised tours to Uluru. Or you can hire a car there and drive yourself. www.avis.com.au may have some good deals for car rentals.

    Accommodation wise, unless you're camping, it is expensive. There are resorts ranging form expensive budget to expensive luxury. No such thing as budget-budget in Uluru. almost 9 years ago

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