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Country of residence?

almost 9 years ago about Australia

I am confused about your FAQ: "permanent resident (not temporary) of that country and have a residential address that"
We live in Australia for 4 years on a working visa. And we have of course a residential address here in Sydney, but we are "temporary". We have private healthcare and Australian Governmental Medicare, but we are Dutch. My family is in Sydney so I have to be repatriated back to Sydney, if needed!
What should I fill in for Country of residence?

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    Hi! thanks for your question - it's Katrina from WorldNomads.com here.

    Country of permanent residence is important from an insurance perspective as it generally determines where you have access to permanent medical care.

    Travel insurance is for the unexpected things that happen while away from home. So if you suddenly get seriously ill or you're in an accident and injured while travelling, the insurer may decide that you'd get the best medical care in your country of permanent residence, so you may be repatriated back there. Once back home, the travel insurance coverage ends, so any ongoing medical costs you have while at home are at your expense.

    We need 2 things from you before we can confirm coverage for an Australian resident policy:

    1. The key for your personal circumstance as an Australian temporary resident is actually your Medicare status. Can you please get in touch with our customer services team and let us know what this is: http://worldnomads.com/contactus.aspx

    2. We'll also need a statement from you to confirm you understand that if you are repatriated back to Australia, you are responsible for any medical expenses in Australia.

    For residents of other countries reading this:

    It's important to know that access to travel insurance coverage is dependent on your residency status and may be different for your circumstances, depending on our insurer's requirements. Also be aware, travel insurance is not personal medical insurance for routine or ongoing treatment at home.

    You can review who can buy the insurance within the terms and conditions or full description of cover (policy wording) - each one is different so please do read all of the fine print carefully : http://www.worldnomads.com/travel-insurance/prices-and-benefits.aspx

    In general, if you are a permanent resident or citizen of a country, then you can buy our insurance, even if you are travelling in another country.

    Just remember: you should choose the country of residence where you have access to permanent medical care and where you'd be repatriated to if necessary. If you have specific questions, please do ask us: http://worldnomads.com/contactus.aspx

    Safe travels almost 9 years ago

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    Hi there, I have the same issue and emailed Customer service one week ago. No reply. Is that normal? over 8 years ago

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    Hi invisabell,

    Sarah here from worldnomads.com
    I'm sorry your request has not been replied to. We regularly clear all of our emails and currently have none from a week ago as they have all been responded to. Please resend your request via the contact us page http://worldnomads.com/contactus.aspx and ensure you enter your return email address correctly. over 8 years ago

    Answered by Sarah T via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    oh that is strange. I used that very same contact form last time ( twice actually). Anyway. Thanks for your reply, I just emailed again. over 8 years ago

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    Hi, I have a related question. At the moment I do not have any country of permanent residency since I am waiting for my Canadian Work Permit to come through couch surfing in Europe (I am Dutch). I would still like to be insured for a 2 month trip through Europe (including some snowboarding in the Alpes) How to proceed? almost 8 years ago

    Answered by John via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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